PGJSA Championship Series

The Series

The 2014 Series will consist of the Qualifiers hosted by Devon, Mattituck, Old Cove, Southampton and Southold Yacht Clubs (see PGJSA Event Calendar).

The Classes

The following classes will be eligible for the 2014 Championship:

Optimist White, Blue, Red


Laser 4.7

Laser Radial

Laser Standard

Sunfish Singles

Sunfish Doubles

Eligibility & Equipment

* Sailors must participate in at least 4 PGJSA Qualifiers and be a member of the PGJSA through their own club.

* There must be at least 2 PGJSA Member Club entries in a fleet for the regatta to be scored as part of the Series.

* A sailor's change of sail numbers from what appears on the event's registration form, without notifying the host club check-in staff and the Race Committee prior to the first race, will result in disqualification.

* Laser sailors shall remain with the rig chosen in their first regatta.

* The skipper in the qualifying events must remain the same.  The crew may change.  

Age Rules:

* Optimist age rules apply with this exception: Sailors who begin the Series in a fleet shall remain in that fleet regardless of a mid-series birthday.

* Applicants for all classes (except Sunfish Doubles) may not turn 19 years of age in the year of the event.  Sunfish Doubles, skipper and crew, must be 8 years old in the year of the event and must not turn 14 in the year of the event.  


Team Racing is NOT allowed and may result in a penalty.

Qualifiers: The final standings of each regatta will be calculated using low point scoring based on the performance in each race of that event. There will be NO throw-outs.

Championship:  Low point scoring based on final rankings of the 4 Qualifiers for each class will be used to calculate the Series Champions.

* If a competitor participates in more than the required 4 Qualifiers, the final rankings from the best 4 Qualifiers will be used.  In the event that one or more Qualifiers are not run, the final scoring will be amended less the event(s) that were lost.  For example, if one event is not run the scoring will be based on 3 not 4 qualifiers.  Only those sailors who registered for at least four events will be eligible.

* Non-PGJSA Member Club participants during the season will not be included in the Championship calculations.

Please consult with your Program Director for further explanation.


The top sailors will be recognized and presented with the PGJSA Championship trophies at the Awards Ceremony and BBQ hosted by Mattituck Yacht Club on Thursday, August 14, 2014. The PGJSA may also award the Frederick T. Markham Sportsmanship Trophy.