Regatta Registration

Below are the available links to register online for various regattas at our member yacht clubs.  Please refer to registration information on the NORs of other events not listed here.

Regatta Registration is available for the following:



PGJSA Championship Series

Old Cove Opti Invitational/PGJSA Qualifier  
Southampton Sunfish, Laser, C420 Invitational/ PGJSA Qualifier

Southampton Opti Invitational/PGJSA Qualifier

Southold Sunfish, Laser, C420 Carol Smith Regatta/PGJSA Qualifier

Southold Opti Carol Smith Regatta/PGJSA Qualifier

Mattituck Sunfish, Laser Derby/PGJSA Sunfish Qualifier

Devon Invitational/PGJSA Qualifier (All Classes)

Old Cove Laser, C420 Invitational/PGJSA Qualifier

Mattituck Sunfish, Laser, C420 Regatta/PGJSA Qualifier

Mattituck Opti Regatta/PGJSA Qualifier

Other Member Club Regattas

Shelter Island Opti Regatta

Amanda Clark Clinic - Shelter Island

Shelter Island Laser, C420 Regatta

ELIYA Mid Atlantic Midget Championship Qualifier